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Single Tooth Implants

If You Are Looking for a Dental Treatment Which Will Provide You the Best Solution for One Missing Tooth, Then Single Tooth Implants Are One of the Best Choices in the Recent Times. Single Tooth Implants Provide Several Benefits to the Patients Who Have Recently Lost One or More Tooth in Different Areas of Implants and Want to Get Single Dental Implants to Replace the Space. The Dental Implants Function Appreciably for at Least 10-12 Years. So, You Can See That the Life of a Dental Implant is Much More Than Most of the Other Dental Treatment Options.

Usually, Patients Feel That if They Are Missing a Single Tooth in Any of the Quadrants, They Do Not Require Any Replacement for It. But, This Ignorance Leads to Adverse Effects on the Existence and Condition of the Adjacent Teeth and Teeth Present in the Exact Opposite Area of the Missing Tooth Area. Supra Eruption of the Opposite Teeth is Commonly Seen in Cases of the Absence of Tooth for an Extended Period. Also, the Adjacent Teeth Start Drifting in the Forward or Mesial Direction Which Leads to the Formation of Gaping as Well as Unwanted Effects on the Teeth Surrounding the Space of the Missing Teeth. Due to These Common Reasons, Single Tooth Implants Are Highly Recommended for Patients Even if They Lose One Tooth in Their Mouth.

The Single Tooth Implant Restoration Consists of Three Parts. Namely, the Implant Post Which Replaces the Tooth Root, the Abutment Which Will Support the Crown and the Prosthetic Crown Itself. The Crown is Either Cemented Onto the Abutment or Held in Place With a Screw. The Parts of the Single Tooth Implant Are Biocompatible to the Tissues of the Mouth. Therefore, They Do Not Cause Any Side Effects in the Oral Cavity.

A Single Tooth Implant With a Crown is a Recommended Dental Treatment Option Which Ensures That the Tooth Adjacent to the Edentulous Area is Not Affected. Most of the Other Restorative and Prosthesis Procedures Require the Reduction of the Same Tooth or Adjacent Teeth. In This Way, It is a Conservative Dental Treatment of Preventing Reduction of the Surrounding Structures and Achieving the Desired Treatment Results. Thus, Single Tooth Implants Prove to Be of Great Benefit for Individuals Who Are Seeking Solutions for the Missing Teeth.